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This brought tears to my eyes when I spotted it on Facebook.

Helen Bibby​ and her team at Magna Print are a wonderful bunch. I loved my visit there when Diane Allen​ was the manager, as Helen is now - Diane is now a fulltime author.

She and Helen showed me the process that my books go through and showed me around the works. I was a very new author then and as I gazed at the hundreds of books they proudly displayed in their warehouse, I thrilled that my books would one day be on those shelves amongst all those of very famous authors.

Then Diane and Helen took me to lunch at a lovely old English pub across the road.

I have so much to thank them for. Especially Diane, who, a few months previously, and after asking to read my self-published book, with a view to publishing it in large print - liked it so much she determined that I should be traditionally published.

A wonderful author herself, this felt doubly complimentary, and I was thrilled when she asked if she could send my book to Judith Murdoch, her agent. She did and Judith rang me wanting to represent me. It was an amazing time as at the same time, I received a message from an editor at Pan Macmillan. My dream was beginning to come true. And now, Magna Print place me in this category - The very best of family sagas - WOW!

Love you all and thank you for the huge part you all play, as you are by my side on my journey - Mary Wood

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