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The Sweet Taste of Revenge is a fast-paced, gritty gangland thriller, from the pen of Sunday Times Best Seller






'Not for the fainthearted'

When Layla Parondski's husband, a wealthy owner of a chain of high-class Jewellery shops in London, goes missing, all is not what it seems.


Layla sets out to discover more. She finds it, and it isn't pretty. 

For  years, Joe Parrondski has ignored her, taking his pleasure with prostitutes. What she uncovers about his 'other life' sickens her.

Layla wants revenge. She sets out to build her own illicit empire, to take over everything Joe has and to smash his child porn racket.

To do so, she surrounds herself with the expertise of women who have connections with the gangster life, and know and accept what is entailed. 


The only male let inside her organisation is her handsome, Fat-Cat lawyer, Adrian. A man she has an insatiable appetite for.

Layla has one goal and one goal only - to kill her ex and become the main player in London's underworld. 

Her ex - Joe Parrondski, has one goal only - to kill Layla and to take all she has built up.

Who will win this war? Who will live to sin another day?

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